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In the beginning

The club was formed in 1911. It had a break for both world wars. In the 1950's swimming pools opened up and so did the club.

Its January 2021 and we are little closer to beating the virus. If all goes well we can start racing in the summer. 


Our summer races have been booked at the Tooting Lido on 

30 June 2021

21 July 2021 

28 July 2021

About us

The Stock Exchange Swimming Club (SESC) has been around for over 100 years. We provide swimmers a challenge by proving their training in 5 different types  and styles of competitions. 

The competitions are open to all city professionals of London to attend. Training is done individually and independent of the club.


The setting we provide is relaxed and offers opportunity for swimmers to compete at different levels and provide a place to socialise with other like minded professionals from across the city.

Please see the spectacular signature dive by Andrew Craster, a fellow swimmer.
Not too sure?


Come and watch one of our competitions. Meet a few swimmers at the poolside or in the pub afterwards.


If you would like to help out, you are more than welcome to help time keep, we are always short of time keepers.


After each competition, we always go to a local pub to catch up, meet new people, a drink and some food supplied by the club, please join us.

The people involved.