Fixture booklet 1967.jpg
Fixture list and records from 1967
Back in the day, a booklet was printed that highlighted the rules, the competitions and previous winners. We are lucky enough to have one from 1967. 
It writes:
-  The Club colours shall be brown, white and Red.
-  The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January for the transaction of ordinary business and for the election of Officers and Committee for the ensuing year.
- The income and property of the Club shall be applied solely to its stated objects property remaining shall not be distributed among the members, but shall be devoted to an organisation with similar aims for philanthropic or charitable purpose.
A bit of history the Club members had to pay a subscription of 5/- for Acitve and Honarary Members, and 2/6 for Juniours (under 19 on 1st November).
Its strange to think Guineas and shillings were still used then and a subscription. The club asks for an entrance fee per race. This covers the cost of the pool hire and food afterwards.