How competitive do you have to be ?

The competitions are set out for all swimming levels. You do not have to be a top swimmer to get Gold. However, if you love racing and want to test yourself, go for the Championship races. Below we outline how we accommodate every swimmer.

We run 3 types of races to accomodate all levels of swimming.

This is for the sprinters. The swimmers that would like to see how much they can improve against other fellow swimmers. 


All swimmers start at go and the fastest swimmer wins the race. 




The Handicap race is for those who enjoy swimmng but are not interested in being the best of the best but the best at what they do.


Before each race, the swimmer enters their time they would compete the race. And is handed in to the organisers a few days before the race.


On race night, you compete against your time and the best improver (maximum of 3 seconds) wins!


Relays are fun for everyone and to enjoy in team building.


We run several of these types of races throughout the year with some of a minimum of 3 swimmers and others a minimum of 6. 


We all enjoy these races, they encourage you to push harder while being able to enjoy the swim.