Richard Jackson, a legend

Richard Jackson was part of the SESC since he started work in the city. His passion started with his father who swam for the Stock Exchange Swimming Club and the Stock Exchange Water Polo Club.

Richard loved swimming and swam almost daily either at Hampton Court outdoor swimming pool or at the Tooting Lido. He took part in the SESC races as soon as he started his professional career in the city. In 1963 he became the Gala Liaison and sat on the clubs Committee. In the 1990’s he was elected the clubs chairman and has been in that post for the past 30 years.

Many swimmers wrote to him in the past month. A few of them I had the pleasure of reading. He was such a positive influence and the driving force of so much what happened. Many of us consider him as an integral part of the reason why we love swimming so much. He inspired us to continue through his ever present support and organisation. He kept the fire burning for swimming, the SESC races and our social meet ups.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. Richard Jackson, our chairman, passed away peacefully at home on Sunday,17January 2021.

He was an amazing, positive person. He will be very much missed. Rest in Peace.

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